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Offshore IT Outsourcing


Software development and testing services

Our IT Outsourcing Capabilities

IT plays a major part in the efficient running of most organizations. But companies may not have the staff, budget or infrastructure to support it. Count on us to design, develop and deliver flexible IT solutions, free up your team for business-critical activities.

High level types of services supported by Nicman Group European technology office

  • Application development, maintenance and enhancements.
  • DevOps - application support, deployments and continuous integration.
  • Manual testing - creation of test cases, test execution and defect testing.
  • Test automation - script development, framework maintenance and test execution
  • Performance Testing - test script development, test execution and monitoring


Control Expenses.

Outsourcing IT services to Nicman Group alleviates some of this expense, giving the business a competitive edge in regard to pricing of goods and services.

Focus on Core Operations.

Outsourcing IT services allows business managers to concentrate on core goals and objectives.

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