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GPS Tracking System Performance Testing

Performance tested a GPS tracking system to determine system bottlenecks and levels of users that system can support.
Internet & Technology
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Project Duration: 
3 months
Work Performed: 

Nicman consultants developed Ruby based test data generator, multiple load runner scripts, deployed clients application in Nicman's cloud and run series of tests such as capacity test, performance, endurance. The tests were simulating 1000's of devices connected to centralized data collection service providing live gps data feed while load runner virtual users were consuming the data through web fronted.

Work Results: 

Nicman was able to trace and show message timings from initiation all the way to virtual user client and provide detailed statistics on web socket message throughput in terms of frames per second per connected user. In addition to standard resource collection a code profiler was utilized to faster identify issues within the specific components and layers of the application.

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