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Cloud Services

GPS Tracking System Performance Testing

Performance tested a GPS tracking system to determine system bottlenecks and levels of users that system can support.

HP-UX Hosting

Nicman Group consultants have extensive knowledge of Unix and providing HP-UX hosting services to companies that do not want to maintain HPUX on-prem.

Infrastructure Prototyping

Prototype with new hardware before purchasing it or deploying it to productions. Infrastructure prototyping takes advantage of our relationships with multiple hardware vendors to get specialized gear like v-block in our data center before deploying it in yours.

IaaS - Infrastructure as a Service

Infrastructure as a Service Denver based company with multiple industry experience.

Test Environment Hosting

Offering dedicated to hosting of load generation farm or copy of your production environment for testing purposes.

Dedicated Hosting

Cloud Hosting Provider with dedicated compute, networking and storage capabilities. We can also provide dedicated VDI and GPU clusters.

Cloud Computing

Nicman Group maintains cloud computing clusters in Denver, Philadelphia and New Jersey. Our infrastructure has unmatched performance when it comes to cpu clock, memory speed and disk read/write operations.

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