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Infrastructure Services

Infrastructure Services

Powered by top of the line hardware and managed by most talented people.


Public, Private and Hybrid

Optimized for hyper performance, secure and fully managed cloud environments to handle most demanding mission critical workloads.

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Disaster Recovery as a Service

DraaS solution that allows for workloads to be replicated from primary environment to Nicman Cloud and brought online when needed.

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Backup as a Service

Fast, proven and complete backup and recovery service with industry best technology. Copy Data Virtualization powered by Actifio.

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Specialized Hosting

Cost effective turn-key HPUX hosting replacement for your on-premise environments in the cloud with SLA guarantees and fully managed if necessary.

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Additional Infrastructure Services

More specialized SLA backed infrastructure options

Object Storage

Low cost with long term retention object store that is fully S3 API compliant.


Providing infrastructure and expertise to turn designs into reality at fraction of the cost.

Data Warehousing

Maximize your analytics needs without high costs, but offloading your data to Nicman Group.


Leading edge infrastructure advisory services for on-prem, cloud and hybrid environments.

Test Environment

Provision production like environments for performance testing and functional testing needs.

Dedicated Hosting

Secure single server with dedicated network port backed by Nicman Group SLAs.

File Storage

One-drive, Google drive, Dropbox or Box like drop-in replacement for cloud file store.

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