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HP-UX Hosting

HP-UX Hosting

Nicman specializes in managed hosting services for many platforms including HP®-UX. Our services include HP®-UX hardware, your choice of software, and security options required to provide your company with a private cloud version of your development, test, stage or production environments.

Our HP®-UX engineers can help you develop an entire platform and provide 24 x 7 monitoring and performance management on your HP®-UX environment greatly reducing OPEX and CAPEX investment.

At Nicman we specialize in reducing downtime operating costs. Our HP®-UX systems are uptime rated at 99.999% allowing your company to stay productive and provide a safe and maintenance free cloud environment.

In most cases, Nicman can set up your HP®-UX managed hosted environment in days not weeks. To track the project, our HP®-UX engineers will provide you with a written scope, schedule and timeline. From project initiation to virtual workstation design and application server installation, Nicman will have your HP®-UX environment validated and completed in a few short days.

Nicman will provide your company with a service level agreement that meets your exact requirements. Our HP®-UX managed hosting pricing is designed to be clear, transparent and cost effective with no end-of-the-month surprises. The Nicman Group is the price leader compared to other HP®-UX managed hosting solutions in the U.S.

Base HP®-UX managed hosted systems start at $1,300 per month and can include:

  • Itanium 2 processor
  • Storage on a variety of supported platforms
  • HP®-UX 10.20 11.0, 11i v1 (11.1), 11i v2 (11.23) and 11i v3 (11.31)
  • Databases including: Oracle® and IBM® Informix
  • ERP/CRM applications including Oracle® and Siebel®
  • Web/Application Servers including JBoss® and WebLogic®
  • HP® MC Serviceguard clustering
  • Disaster Recovery and Replication Solutions for HP®-UX
  • HP c3000 enclosures

Your HP®-UX system is secure at Nicman. Standard support for your HP®-UX environment includes:

  • Operating System Reloads
  • Server Reboots
  • 2-Hour Failed Hardware Replacement (SLA Backed)
  • Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attack Filtering (Server Side Only)
  • Detailed Bandwidth Utilization Graphs
  • Bandwidth Overage Protection
  • All North American Based Support Staff
  • 24 hour Email Support (primary communication channel)
  • Phone Support (emergency communication channel)
HP UX Server
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