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Nicman Group's Philadelphia Data Center

Philadelphia, PA

Datacenter Information

Our Philadelphia Data center is ideal for hosting your large scale, mission critical, secure, highly available, business critical applications and services. At this location we are using All Cisco Network; Edge, Core and Distribution Layers.

Main purpose of this data center is to provide reliable and cost efficient Production Environments for our clients. This location is available for all of our clients. We are using mostly Dell servers but can also use any other hardware including but not limited to : HP IBM or Cisco servers.
Additionally this location can be used for :

  • Database Hosting
  • Database Operations
  • Load Generation
  • Demo Environments
  • Performance Hosting
  • Data Storage

Fun Facts

Technical Info about the Facility

Local port in Gigabits
Singe Server Max RAM Memory
Single Server CPU cores
Max Public Port in Gigabits

Philadelphia Data Center Facts

And Clients Main Usage

* 99.99% Power Availability.
* 99.99% Temperature and Humidity.
* 99.99% Cross Connect Availability.

* Physical – Man Trap Entry.
* Human – 24x7 security guards.
* Electronic – CCTV with digital video archiving, Motion Detection, Access Control System .

* All Cisco Network; Edge, Core and Distribution Layers.
* Line Rate Non-Oversubscribed Distribution Layer.
* Redundant Bonded 10GE Uplinks.
* Fully Redundant, Multi-Homed BGP Peering From Tier1 ISP's.
* AMassive Burst Capacity On All Transit Links Provides Excellent Network Stability Under Large DDoS Attacks

  • Performance Environments
  • Load Generation
  • Production Hosting
  • Data Storage
  • Database Hosting

Standard Included Support

  • Operating System Reloads
  • Server Reboots
  • 2-Hour Failed Hardware Replacement (SLA Backed)
  • Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attack Filtering (Server Side Only)
  • Detailed Bandwidth Utilization Graphs
  • Bandwidth Overage Protection
  • All North American Based Support Staff
  • 24 hour Email Support (primary communication channel)
  • Phone Support (emergency communication channel)

Typical Response Times:

  • Initial response: 1-15 minutes
  • Server reboot (After Authentication): 1-15 minutes
  • OS Reload:1-12hrs
  • Server upgrade (Hardware): 12-24hrs

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