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Object Storage

What is Nicman Vault?

Nicman Vault is a fully S3 API compliant, multi-tenant, multi-datacenter hybrid cloud storage. It is secure, infinitely scalable, extremely reliable, and backed by a Nicman support team.
Vault employs a fully distributed and replicated peer-to-peer architecture with no single point of failure. Distributed architecture with automatic replication and recovery services make our service highly resilient to network and node failures without data loss.
Nicman Vault natively supports AWS S3 API with 100% compatibility in terms of API fidelity and feature coverage.

Vault Features

  • Full Amazon S3 API Compatibility, including error codes.
  • Multi datacenter, peer to peer architecture. No single point of failure.
  • Multi-tenant: QoS controls, billing, reporting by each User and each Group.
  • Public and Private clouds.
  • Elastic Capacity: small start and scale-out as needed.
  • System, Group, and User management by Management Console or REST API.
  • Easy to Use Packaged Solution, backed by 24/7 Nicman Support.
Nicman Vault Storage Access

Nicman Vault S3 Functions:

  • Objects organize into Buckets.
  • Security. Requests authenticated using keyed HMAC with symmetric keys. Also, HTTPS option, client-side encryption, server-side encryption.
  • Access control lists (ACLs) define access rights to bucket and object.
  • Accounting of bytes inbound, outbound, stored and HTTP request counts. Billing by tiered rating plans per accounting type, per-region.
  • Multi-part uploads. Allows uploading large objects in multiple parts.
  • Versioning. Multiple versions of same object.
  • Location constraint. Buckets can be assigned to a specific region. Each region has own domain.
Nicman Vault S3 Compliance

Nicman Vault Regions

You can send requests to these regions using the REST API

Region name Protocol
US Standard HTTP and HTTPS
EU (Poland) HTTP and HTTPS
Asia Pacific (Dubai) HTTP and HTTPS
Asia Pacific (Singapore) HTTP and HTTPS
China (Shanghai) HTTP and HTTPS
China (Hong Kong) HTTP and HTTPS
China (Beijing) HTTP and HTTPS
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