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Application Development
PHP, Ruby, C#, Objective-C, Go, Python, Swift, Kotlin

Development Services

We love to take responsibility for entire projects and have done so successfully for number of organizations in the past. Business requirements can’t wait and while it takes time to build high performing teams, your IT organization can still deliver all projects by allowing Nicman take on a role of an internal IT team. Let Nicman take on the entire project from inception through architecture, development to deployment and maintenance.

iOS and Android

If your organization has an application that isn’t going through new development, but still requires technical support, our enhancement program can assist you with reducing overall maintenance fees while still keeping your audience commitments as to the quality and operability of the application.

Have goals and deadlines, but need just extra hands to get to the finish line? Request a consultant that will operate under your direction, but will have a support of Nicman team when required. There is a huge difference between typical staffing agencies and Nicman who cares and tries to understand even small requirements.

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