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Backup as a Service


All backup data is created to satisfy a few common business objectives. First, protect the data. Make it available. Do it as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. Don’t interfere with application performance. Assure service levels. Make it simple. This is what Nicman Group does with Actifio.

It is not just backup it’s data management that begins at a higher level in the copy process, acting across physical and virtual data environments. Precise RTO/RPO objectives economically maintain data protection targets while eliminating redundant storage capacity and copy processes. Because the copy of data that we store is in a readable application format, it can be used immediately for any purpose and essentially reduces backup recovery time to near zero. Actifio allows us to replace all of the backup complexity with a remarkable new copy data management approach. It virtualizes copy data, providing backup, snapshot, test and development, analytics, and archival preservation - all through a single platform. It creates a new class of service offerings for data management and protection, consolidating all those functions to recover anything instantly.

Our backup solution allows you protect multiple sites and greatly simplify remote data protection. Core features provide powerful business continuity and disaster recovery safeguards that are more versatile and cost effective than traditional approaches. Using an appliance primary site and another appliance at Nicman site customers can smoothly move encrypted data to an Nicman cloud. The simple SLA interface combined with Nicman Cloud can automate an entire system failover and test it in real time with no disruption to production systems.


Individual application SLAs are controlled across synchronous or asynchronous distances. Bandwidth is optimized through deduplication at the primary site and by sending only unique blocks of data to the remote system to save both time and network expense. Both synchronous and asynchronous transmission is available for data updates coincident with each application IO. If a disruption does cause production to transfer to the remote site, operations can restart as many as 100 virtual machines in as little as 30 seconds. The entire application can be running again in a matter of minutes and continue until the primary production systems are restored.

Protected environments 128
Protected 768TB of storage
Simplified backup 100%

Cloud backup in four simple steps


Step 1

Engage Nicman to gather specifications about your environment i.e. number of machines, total storage, data change ratio, desired RPO and RTO.


Step 2

Upon successful signature of the contract, Nicman will ship an appliance to your primary site. Our appliance is plug-and-play and will automatically connect to home to establish a secure tunnel.


Step 3

Nicman team will configure both appliances for replication and backup. Your team will be able to modify and define SLA's on the fly as well initiate local restoration at this point.


Step 4

Your organization will enjoy radically simple backup and peace of mind knowing that your data is not only protected locally on dedicated storage, but also is kept in the secure private cloud at Nicman.

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