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Copy Data Management
Best and most innovative approach to manage your production data

Copy Data Management

Gartner: 12 July 2016 – “Copy data management (CDM) refers to products that capture application-consistent data via snapshots in primary storage to create a live "golden image" in a secondary storage system where virtual copies in native disk format can be mounted for use cases such as backup/recovery and DR or test/development.”


Copy data management is revolutionizing the IT stack. Firms from all sizes are rethinking and redefining back up, disaster recovery and test data management strategies by using CDM technology. In addition, organizations that got their start by using one of the large cloud providers such as AWS or Azure are using copy data management technology to leave the complexity of the large-cloud and develop much more nimble and customized cloud infrastructures to reduce hosting expenses.


CDM technology allows a company to create virtual copies of data in a fraction of the time it takes to create a physical copy. These data copies can be managed more efficiently and effectively with simple to set up automated policies providing bullet proof back up and disaster recovery options for the entire enterprise. Using copy data management technology SLA’s can be reestablished to include all levels of the organization from a user’s personal desktop file(s) to an entire enterprise infrastructure.


With copy data management, the copy data repository is updated via log and change block tracking using compression and deduplication multiple times per hour. The result is a file that is typically much smaller than the sum total of all traditional copies of the production environment and in case of a recovery available in minutes not hours or days.


Copy data management is truly the next wave of optimizing the IT backroom and the CFO’s balance sheet. Besides reducing OPEX and CAPEX by reducing data storage by 80% to 90%, copy data management saves on software license costs because copy data management files are stored in native file formats and do not require duplicate software licenses to retain multiple copies.


Copy data management technology can also update and allows for more aggressive CTO and RPO standards and procedures to meet lightning quick recovery times.


Copy Data Management, (CDM) is revolutionizing how businesses manage data and create 21st century back up and disaster recovery strategies.


Backup as a Service


Stop worrying about rotating and managing tapes or hard disks and offload maintenance and management to us.


Disaster Recovery as a Service


Highest SLA's, flexible contracts and no up front investment to protect and recover your IT assets in case of disaster.


Test Data Management as a Service


Provide copies of data to multiple team often and quickly. Emulate production for test & dev purposes.


Cloud Migrations

Move data between providers, application or other businesses swiftly, securely and cost effectively.

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