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Cloud Infrastructure Advisory
Logical and Physical

Nicman Group's Infrastructure Advisory

Optimize and Transform Data Center


Corporate IT and data centers must create a dynamic physical infrastructure to support the growing interdependency between IT systems, business applications and facility mechanical systems. This infrastructure must be flexible enough to support new network design and management strategies and robust enough to support more demanding service level requirements. These organizations are also challenged to integrate traditionally disparate and proprietary systems across multiple environments – data center, IT rooms, communication facilities – in order to realize productivity gains and create a competitive advantage.


Nicman Group Infrastructure Advisory Services team and our partners work with you to discover the current state of your physical infrastructure, optimize your environment in support of logical network requirements, and transform your business with a clear and actionable path forward.


How come we have expertise in this field? It is simple – we did it for our own facilities.

We based our methodology on:

Nicman engineering professionals are trained in the most up to date industry standards and work only with licensed and knowledgeable contractors. You can rely on us to help you ensure that your physical infrastructure meets or exceeds these standards.

Nicman focus is the physical infrastructure and we can provide unique insight into lessons learned from client engagements and our own datacenters development. These insights allow us to quickly pinpoint risks to your physical infrastructure and implement solutions based on best practices.

Nicman and our experienced and licensed contractors work together to map the logical architecture to the physical infrastructure. This approach applies proven methodologies and best practices to create reference architectures that are validated and optimized in support of developing technologies and your most demanding application requirements.

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