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Our Philosophy


For the past 20 years, Nicman Group has been a remarkable provider of the best cloud services and technology consulting to businesses and organizations of various kinds and sizes. Our skill and vast experience in the industry puts us on the forefront of delivering unparalleled range of services.


Established in 2002, Nicman Group is a privately owned business that has a well-established presence in North America and Poland. Our hands-on approach in the delivery of our services ensures that the clients get nothing but the finest services. We are committed to providing value through our well-trained and talented people, great leadership and innovative solutions. We actively and frequently make contributions to open source projects as well as local technology communities. The company was originally established as a web development, software testing and hosting Management Company. We have grown over the years assuming more project responsibilities along the way and increasing in size. New strategic goals were brought by the new management in 2009 that converted the hosting management business into a cloud service. We however maintained the growth of our professional services. We opened a data center in Denver, Colorado in 2012 and proceeded to launch a new brand called Nicman Labs that offers cloud services. The Nicman group has since grown its client base and currently serves companies of literally all sizes all across the United States.


We pride ourselves in the quality of services we deliver. Our consultants are enrolled in various training programs to ensure that they are in the best position to deliver impeccable services. Armed with experience and a unique dedication to excellence, our experts will see to it that you get the best services.

We deliver a wide range of technology solutions. Whether you are in need of IT offshore services, development services or software quality services, you can rest assured that you will get it right here at Nicman Group. We are an outstanding cloud hosting provider that will deliver to you unmatched hosting services. Some of the services that we provide include integration testing, performance testing and test automation. We also specialize in development, IT Outsourcing as well as DevOps. There are also a diverse range of infrastructure services that we provide. From cloud to BAAS to DRAAS through to HP-UX, we have got just about every service that you may need. Take a tour of our site today and learn about the amazing services we provide.



Established in 2002


Operating 3 Data Centers in US


Offshore center in Poland


Self-funded and privately owned


Trusted by Fortune 500 companies


Partnered with Industry leaders

Our Skill Set

Our Training

Our consultants are constantly enrolled in variety of training and programs. Nicman Group internal policy encourages employees to actively participate in training sessions and certifications by offering incentives and reimbursement programs.

Our Skills

Cloud Services

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