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Infrastructure Prototyping
Planning and Execution

Nicman Group's Infrastructure Prototyping


Our infrastructure prototyping offering is what sets us apart from other cloud providers.

It starts with us building a production like environment for your applications. Then through results from various performance tests we identify hardware and sever configuration bottlenecks that can be tweaked and improved. Depending on specific findings we swap hardware, network and other components and retest your applications to measure performance improvements. Not only this solution allows your team to see the performance improvement before investing in new hardware, but also it provides your management team with clear understanding of available processing capacity.

Does any of the following questions & statements sounds familiar:

  • We wish to know how many more transactions can our infrastructure handle?
  • We hope that these new servers that we are adding will give us the needed performance boost.
  • Would our application perform better if our database was on SSD’s?
  • I need to find a way to justify the expense for the new F5 load traffic manager before we ask management for funding.
  • Should we go with Dell or HP servers?
  • Does adding more memory to our servers going improve application performance?


We can help your organization with answer to those and other questions related to performance testing. It is never too late to engage us even if it is just to cross your t’s and dot your I’s.

Few Words From Our Satisfied Customers



William Shwatrz


"Thank you very much for all your hard work and fixing all our problems. For any system problems we will always get back to Nicman. "


Mark Williams

Managing Director

"We had number of performance issues with our environment. Nicman Group pinpointed all problems and assisted with installation and configuration. Could not ask for more."

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