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Test automation
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Test Automation

Nicman hasn't come across application that couldn't be automated. Our consultants have experience with commercial tools such as IBM Rational Functional Tester (RFT), HP Unified Functional Testing (UFT), Coded UI, Oracle Functional Testing, Telerik, TestComplete, Spec Flow, Cucumber, Watir, FitNesse and Nicman grown. Our approach to automated testing is always driven by cost, simplicity, ease of use, maintainability and integration with existing testing processes. By keeping those items in mind through all phases of the project our clients end up with automated scripts that are actually utilized and provide quick testing feedback.

We have automated test cases for enterprises in the following industries: financial, oil & gas, retail, insurance, aviation and manufacturing.

Fundamentals of good services automation is a solid understanding of how REST and SOAP architecture works. Structuring framework within a tool for service is critical as it reduces learning curve and maintenance cost. The tool alone won't do the job. It is our good practice to execute service tests during continuous integration builds, which can provide quick feedback to development teams. In addition, functional service test scripts can be utilized for unit level performance testing with result trend lines drafted over multiple builds.

Our accelerators are essentially libraries or entire frameworks extracted from our previous projects that enable our consultants to hit the ground running on day one and avoid common automation pitfalls. There are two types of accelerators: tool specific and platform/application specific. An example of a tool specific accelerator is a testing framework built for IBM Rational Functional Tester or HP Unified Functional Testing. A good example of an accelerator that is platform & application specific is our home grown library to automate mainframe sessions. These are two of many examples of how Nicman experience and knowledge base sets us apart from competition.

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