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DevOps overhaul

Portfolio tags

Initiate and implement DevOps activities to allow for lower release cycles, higher automation and environment control.

Client Name
Abbot Laboratories
Project Duration
6+ months
Work Performed

Migrated enterprise from SVN to Git running on Bitbucket and lead repository consolidation. Implemented git flow branching strategy, provided training and ongoing transition support to entire organization on new tooling and processes. Implemented application deployment through Jenkins to systems that included firmware, embedded and client based systems that is fully integrated with branching strategy. Reworked all necessary Bamboo build plans and versioning schema. Implemented static code analysis as well unit test code coverage.

Work Results

Went from manual deployments to completely automated deployment process on demand. Branching strategy integrated with highly regulated verification and validation process that accounted for code reviews and gated pull requests. The retooling and streamlined processes freed up developers to have more time focused on actual development. Continuous integration and deployment provided for much faster testing feedback and tighter testing specifications.

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