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Denver Data Center
Englewood, CO

Nicman Group's Denver Data Center

Datacenter Information

Our Denver Datacenter is the latest addition to company Data Centers. It is completely owned and financed by Nicman Group.
Construction started in July 2013 and ended by the end of 2014. Construction involved number of contractors and consulting firms to build most innovative, up to date, up to the current standards and best practices.


Main purpose of this data center is to provide reliable and cost efficient performance environments for our clients. This location is available for all of our clients however we are not planning any colocation services at this time.
Additionally this location can be used for:



Load Generation


Demo Environments


Data Storage


Production Hosting

And Clients Main Usage

Denver Data Center Facts

* 99.99% Power Availability.
* 99.99% Temperature and Humidity.
* 99.99% Cross Connect Availability.

* Physical – Man Trap Entry.
* Human – 24x7 security guards.
* Electronic – CCTV with digital video archiving, Motion Detection, Access Control System .

* Fire Suppression – Double-interlocked pre-action (dry pipe); Multiple zones sprinkler
* Flood Plain Info – Zone AE: 1% chance of flood
* Certification - SSAE16, HIPAA

Performance Environments
Load Generation
Production Hosting
Data Storage
Location Total Storage Capability

Fun Facts

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