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Submitted by nicmanuser on Fri, 03/19/2021 - 03:59

BaaS Quote & Actifio Pricing


BaaS price components:

  1. One time setup fee that covers non-standard setups and configurations.
  2. One time hardware fee only for your site. The cost of the hardware is nominal. The appliance on your side enables you to perform in-place recovery and actually run applications from it if there was such a need. Also, it makes it easy for Nicman Group team to service it when needed. If your desire is to have a copy of your data in secure cloud then Nicman Group will cover the cost of appliance on our end (there is no costs associated with setup of the appliance on Nicman Group side).
  3. Cost per DAR for local and cloud backup. This is per GB per month of stored data cost and includes all licenses for both your side and Nicman Group side.
  4. Cost per DAR for cloud backup only. This is per GB per month of stored data cost only at Nicman Group - it is designed to have reduced costs on backups that require longer retention and need to be stored in the cloud.


Please complete the form to generate a quote or call us at 303.790.7172 x111 to discuss more complex options or to speak with a specialist.


Servers in your environment
Select technologies for underlying servers and applications that you would like to protect.
Storage protocol
Type of storage protocol used.
Select applications that you would like to backup. Application specific backup allows for more granular recovery and more frequent snapshots. It can be mixed with standard machine backup.
Total amount of production data to be protected by the backup solution.
Daily data change rate. Typically this number is between 1% and 5%.
Backup frequency
What is your desired backup frequency for mission critical systems.
Backup retention
What is your desired retention of backup snapshots.
Current backup
What is currently utilized in your organization as backup technology.
Decision Timeframe

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