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Example cost comparison Azure, AWS and Nicman

In recent survey, 500+ IT professionals were asked to rank the top requirements they considered when choosing a cloud provider. This blog will focus on their #1 reason; COST. We will discuss the other evaluation points; support, security and performance in future blog posts.

At Nicman, cost is the most frequently asked item we are requested to compare when evaluating cloud providers for our clients. Just recently, we completed a cloud migration project on behalf of a client and the results were noteworthy, (see below). The environment we provisioned is a small environment but the results illustrate how cost effective it can be to evaluate your own cloud hosting providers on a regular basis.


Environment specs

  • 4 instances with 4 cores and 8GiB of Ram
  • 2 instances with 16 cores and 32GiB of Ram
  • 3TB of Premium persistent storage SSD like
  • 6 public IP addresses


Line item Azure AWS Nicman
4 instances with 4 cores and 8GiB of Ram 4 x F4 @ $0.433/hour* 4 x c3.xlarge @ $0.210/hour** 4 x ind1odhrmpot0122fbe @ $0.1525/hour***
2 instances with 16 cores and 32GiB of Ram 2 x F16 @ $0.997/hour* 2 x c3.4xlarge @ $0.840/hour** 2 x ind1odhrmpot0142fbe @ $0.6099/hour***
3000GB SSD (min 5000 IOPS) 3 x P30 @ $405.51/month SSD with provisioned IOPS @ $600/month 3TB x std1odgbmpopr @ $273.30/month
6 public IP addresses 6 x Public Ip's @ $20.83/month 6 x Public Ip's @ $21.96/month 6 x Public Ip's @ $29.70/month
Monthly estimate (730hrs) $3,146.32 $2461.56



The above monthly estimates do not include networking or support. All instances are assumed to be Linux and based in the West U.S. region. These comparisons are not meant to be a comprehensive detailed estimate but rather a conversation starter to begin your own research. *Azure F' series are 2.4Ghz based CPU's, **AWS c3 series are 2.8Ghz based and ***Nicman 3.33Ghz based CPU (all speeds before Turbo Boost Technology).


Please contact the Nicman Group with questions or observations on the above comparisons We would appreciate the opportunity to start a conversation with your team. Just post comments directly below.



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